Australasian Conference on Information Systems 2022

4-7 December, 2022

Hosted by the University of Melbourne

The Australasian Conference on Information Systems is the premier conference in the Australasian region for the Information Systems discipline. This year will mark the 33rd year of the conference’s long history, which will be hosted by the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia from the 4th to 7th of December.

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The changing face of IS

This year’s conference theme is “The Changing Face of IS”. In a rapidly changing digitalised world, the face of Information Systems is constantly changing and shifting the ways we go about work, life, and achieving organisational and societal goals. Recent years have seen accelerated digital transformation, furthering economic, social, and organizational impacts on overall human wellbeing and continuity of businesses. IT is central in mitigating the challenges and risks of this accelerated digital transformation through rapid workforce automation, digitalization of organizational processes and data driven decision making. Now more than ever, there is renewed interest in IS with advances in AI and Robotics, big data analytics, IoTs, metaverse, security, digital twins and the like, as well as the increased importance that cyber governance has in IS. The IS community can play a key role not just to stay competitive and relevant, but also in ameliorating inequality for diversity and inclusion of the marginalised, protecting intellectual property, safeguarding cyber security, responsible use, and social justice.

Further the face of Australasian IS research will be impacted by the recent changes to the Field of Research Codes. The new FoR code 3503 (Business Systems in Context) relates to Business Schools and Faculties to conduct information systems research, while the FoR Code 4609 is designated for IS research within Computer Science. These changes have impacts for Business School IS colleagues and ERA journal lists.

We invite novel submissions in current and emerging areas of Information Systems research, especially those related to the conference theme, which focuses on the rapidly changing digital world, especially in a post-COVID new normal era including the negative impacts of growing digital divide towards a more sustainable future.

Join us in Melbourne at the ACIS 2022 conference where we will explore these issues both through our plenary sessions and our collection of thematic tracks.