Conference Theme

Digital Futures for a Sustainable Society

Building digital futures for a sustainable society involves utilizing technology to address environmental, social, and economic challenges while ensuring that the benefits are inclusive and equitable. As technology advances and organizations transform, the need to integrate sustainability principles into digital practices is even more critical. Technologies for the future need to be built according to regenerative designs to improve economic resilience, foster digital sovereignty, and achieve social equity. By combining digital solutions with sustainable practices, societies can work towards a more resilient, effective, and inclusive future. It is crucial to prioritize ethical considerations, regenerative principles, data privacy, and security to ensure that the implementation of digital technologies aligns with sustainability principles.

The Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS 2024) will be hosted at Canberra the capital of Australia from 4th Dec to 6th Dec 2024. Canberra meaning “the meeting place” in the local Ngunnawal language, is one of the world’s most sustainable cities. Let us come together to Canberra and share our research insights and perspectives about how digital technologies can promote sustainability and facilitate a resilient economy that works for the common good.