Attending / Transport Information

Transport Information

Wellington Airport is about 8km from the centre of the city, where most hotels are located. Buses, taxis and app-based travel options all leave from the airport complex. Please note: scheduled bus services do not leave the airport after 10:30pm each day, so other options should be considered if arriving late in the evening on an international flight.

Public Transport

Bus travel on the Airport Express from/to the airport to hotel and business district takes about 20-30 minutes depending on traffic. The Airport Express bus service leaves about every 20 minutes from the airport’s lower level between 5:30am and 10:30pm. It is possible to pay on board ($7-10) with cash, Snapper or contactless payment, such as EFTPOS or credit cards. The Airport Express is the only Metlink bus that accepts contactless payment – all other services require cash or a Snapper card (which costs $10 initially but offers a discounted fare).

Taxis & App-Based Travel

Taxis can be ordered from any of Wellington’s major taxi providers. A variety of taxis are often waiting at the airport for passengers. The typical fare to downtown is about NZD$50 (incl. airport charges). Shuttles shared with other travellers from the airport offer a cheaper option but may take longer to arrive at your destination.

App-based pick-up options operate regularly throughout Wellington. You can also download apps in order to travel around the city. Ola, Uber and Zoomy offer pick up at Wellington Airport.




Wellington Airport also has car sharing arrangements via Mevo and Cityhop, with both offering hybrid and electric vehicles. These services, however, require signing up prior to arrival. App-based and car sharing options at the airport incur an airport surcharge.