Programme / Confirmed Workshops
On Tuesday, December 5th, 2023, our schedule includes the following workshops
1Indigenising Design Science Research EvaluationRosetta Romano, Marcus Jowsey, Wayne Applebee, Kamilaroi ElderThis workshop focuses on applying Design Science Research (DSR) methodology to create and assess the first Cyber Security Standards and Frameworks Knowledge Graph (KG) for Australian Indigenous and micro, small, and medium businesses (I&MSME) involved in the Australian Department of Defence (DoD). An Indigenous Storytelling approach engages participants in evaluating the design and implementation of these systems. The workshop includes designing ontologies, interactive discussions, and adopting a yarning approach for participants to learn through conversation and feedback. This initiative aims to streamline access to complex and scattered cybersecurity resources for DoD suppliers.
2Wellbeing for busy IS academics and PhDs: From Surviving to Thriving at Work and in LifeOlivera MarjanovicThis workshop draws inspiration from the recent AIS well-being project and the influential MISQ Editorial on scholarly flourishing in Information Systems (IS). It recognizes the evolving concept of “well-being” and adopts a research-based perspective, emphasizing deliberate daily practices for individual and collective flourishing. The practical workshop will focus on discovering and leveraging strengths, defining personal success based on values, developing energy-boosting practices, caring for creative minds, building supportive communities, and using principles of human flourishing for self-leadership and compassion.
3Three tools to help you navigate the literatureSander Zwanenburg, Sebastian Boell, Blair WangThis workshop addresses the challenges of conducting a literature review in Information Systems (IS) research. It introduces three tools to enhance confidence in navigating relevant literature. First, Litbaskets facilitates the examination of IS journal literature with different scopes. Second, PermuSearch automates searches using multiple lists of topics, journals, or years. Third, CoLRev streamlines the workflow for screening records, retrieving full-text articles, and reporting results.
4Addressing Challenges for Lifelong Learning Collaboration – Embracing University-Industry PerspectivesDaniel Yar, Hannes Göbel, Stefan Cronholm, Rod Dilnutt, Roger Clarke

In this dynamic half-day workshop, we will identify and address challenges regarding university-industry collaboration and lifelong learning within the realm of information technology. Moreover, we will discover solutions that can 1) form strategies for higher education and 2) empower IT professionals to excel in an ever-changing landscape.