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ACIS Poster Slam

Track Chair


The Poster Slam track will be dedicated to discussion of poster slam submissions. These submissions are early research that is in a conceptual stage, i.e. a research idea, thorough but no empirical or literature review data is existent yet. This can be either a phd proposal or a research idea to be tested from early career or established researchers. The session will consist of a 3 minute pitch per poster upfront and then the whole group will discuss the posters in detail within the session. Discussion and feedback are in the centre and will be constructive and intense.

There will be two sessions:

Session 1: 7 December, 9:00 – 10:30am, room: RH 104

131 – Community Archives and Stakeholders Engagement in an Uncertain Digital Landscape

176 – How to foster organizational performance in a digital world? – Development of a Unified Theory of the Digital Transformation Mindset

253 – Exploring Newcomers’ Organizational Socialization in Hybrid Work Environments: The Role of AI Chatbots


219 – New Ways of Working and Their Impact on the Quality of Work Life


Session 2: 7 December, 1:30 – 3pm, room: RH 104

124 – Drivers and Outcomes of Watching Health and Fitness Health Videos: A Perspective of Parasocial Interaction and Flow Theories

28 – Resource Allocation in Biological Crisis Response: With Fusion of Mobile Device Data and Machine Learning

186 – Facilitating Rapid Digital Expansion in Crisis Scenarios: An Analysis of Resource Orchestration for Emergency Digital Scale-Up Strategy

229 – Navigating Literature Inclusion in Hermeneutic Reviews: A Transparent Approach to Growing Comprehension

238 – Patient-focused Cardiovascular Symptom Assessment Systems: Reducing Pre-hospital Delays and Enhancing Triage Decisions

256 – Becoming data-driven: Integrating inertia and dynamic capabilities perspectives